Recent Acclaim

The Man from Another Place is an exemplary work of critical biography, in which one DL gives us an invaluable set of keys, or backwards-spoken passwords, for beginning to unlock and navigate the labyrinths of another.”
—Tom McCarthy, author of Remainder and Satin Island

The Man from Another Place is a very well written ‘cinema-therapy’ session on the career of David Lynch, one of the few real auteurs left. His movies, obsessions, studio hassles, and personal life are all revealed in a smart, readable analysis by author Dennis Lim, who makes for the perfect film shrink.”
—John Waters

“David Lynch’s brilliance as an artist is further illuminated by the laser intelligence of Dennis Lim’s commentary. Packed with new ideas regarding this most enigmatic of American filmmakers and refreshingly free of jargon, DL on DL is a dazzling performance. It is also a pleasure to read.”
—J. Hoberman, co-author of Midnight Movies

“To me, David Lynch is America. His light is brimmed with extreme beauty and violence. The Man from Another Place takes me to this unique terrain to discover one of America’s most intriguing minds. I realize how accessible Lynch’s universe is—it’s as simple as breathing. Seen through Mr. Lynch’s eyes, blood is poetry, a murky night is crystal clear.”
—Apichatpong Weerasethakul, director of Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives

“Dennis Lim’s crystalline book packs fascinating Lynchian biographical minutiae and revelatory production anecdotes into astonishingly lucid yet lyrical takes on the work of his subject. Lim is so thoroughly cine-literate his contextualization of Lynch’s creative trajectory within the art form and its industry seems definitive—the last word on Lynch!”
—Guy Maddin, director of My Winnipeg
“Essential reading for fans of Lynch and the immersive, elusive worlds he creates.”
Kirkus Reviews
“A skeleton key to Lynch’s origins, obsessions, creative struggles, and transcendent works.”
“Lim allows you to honor Lynch’s highest aspiration of entering another world.”
Slant Magazine


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