“The book serves as an excellent primer for those unfamiliar with and curious about Lynch, as well as a pithy and insightful resource for confirmed fans wishing to deepen their appreciation and understanding of his work. A streamlined and breezily engaging—but impressively rigorous—evaluation of a unique film talent; essential reading for fans of Lynch and the immersive, elusive worlds he creates.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Lim’s allusive exploration invites us to gaze upon the soot-stained cylinders of the Philadelphia skyline, wonder at the insects and disease hidden within the forests of the Northwest, and imagine dark paintings that move under a young artist’s brush. The Man from Another Place is a skeleton key to Lynch’s origins, obsessions, creative struggles, and transcendent works.”

“Reading Lim’s book feels like a visit to the Lynchian world—full of dreamy grey space. It’s transportive. It’s thorough. It’s work—but it’s worth it.”

“Balancing close readings of each film with interviews, production anecdotes, and reviews in an accessible fashion, Lim charts Lynch’s unique ability to work within the Hollywood establishment while maintaining his singular vision.”

“Achieves something that’s quite difficult to do when reviewing Lynch’s films: to adequately render the impact of their extreme formal force in words. Lim’s prose has a diamond-hard lucidity that contrasts with the tormented ambiguity of the art he’s discussing.….Lim allows you to honor Lynch’s highest aspiration of entering another world.”
Slant Magazine

“An obvious must-read for Lynch’s admirers…. combining thorough research with perceptive, even-handed critical analysis.”
The Film Stage

“Eloquent, astute study.”

“Lim investigates ‘Lynchian’ with a sophisticated earnestness, acknowledging that it’s a possibly futile but necessary thing to try to decipher.”

“An unusually perceptive critic and thinker, Film Society of Lincoln Center’s Dennis Lim has written a sharp analysis of David Lynch’s career.”
Time Out New York

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